Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Bound

A teaser headline always gives our page views a pop. I'll bet a lot of you had this of "snow bound" in mind:
But no one actually got tied up here yesterday in River City. It was more like this, as Slave tried to deal with the wet, heavy parfait of snow, then ice, then more snow that blanketed us here in the heartland:
But at least we had plenty of advance notice, and cleared our respective schedules so we could both hang out at the UCTMW World HQ together. Slave had packed a "blizzard box" of  papers to work on at home, and Mistress, as her own "boss" (what else would she be?)  has a very flexible work schedule, so could easily shift some meetings around, allowing both of us to avoid slippery highways.

Of course, there was some hot wake-up sex, and we could loll in bed a little longer than normal. Though Slave earned a demerit (and a prospective punishment) but not waiting to come until permission was granted. I guess I've gotten a little to used to Mistress's typical quick assent, and when she hesitated.... well..... Oops. And She called me on it.
"You may have to be punished for that, Slave."
Slave did do some shoveling. It was the heaviest snow I can recall. I quickly turned the job and a $20 bill over to the teenaged neighbor. And after we put in a good day of work on our respective lap tops, we did walk to a local restaurant for dinner, dodging drifts, and returned home for some Mistress cock riding to end our day. Rest assured I did not make the same mistake twice!

Of course we are not the only folks caught up in this cycle of slush. We got a whiney email last night from Suzanne about her sad plight on the East Coast, where they were buried once again. Though I suspect the real reasons she is in a grumpy mood is that her two lovers have been under the weather and have not provided the diversions and stimulation that she has come to expect. Let's just hope she has a back up generator to keep her hitachi humming in case the snow and ice disrupts her electric service. If Tammy and Jay are not back in action soon, I would advise Suzanne to add a little more depth to her roster.
But we agree, Suzanne. This winter has gotten insufferable. We like snow, but only out West, where we can hit the slopes, or, as we did a few years back, find an isolated camp ground for some outdoor fun, Molly and Mick style:
Love that tan line!


  1. It's a popular notion that being locked up in a chastity device can cause a guy.... well, to be a little quick on the trigger. I can personally attest to it. Have the recent lock-ups you've endured, Mick, started to cause a problem?

  2. That's what I called is a cold one! Or ? I hoped she don't give me the cold shoulder? make up your own joke? Kimberly!

  3. Nice way to spend the day. And it only cost you $20.


  4. WC here


    My favorite picture of Molly again!!!


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