Saturday, January 31, 2015

Souvenir We Missed

Donna, our intrepid Senior Correspondent recently forwarded to us the image of a particularly useful souvenir that we missed on our recent trip to the City of Light. Although it might have been a little embarrassing to pick this up at the tourist shops surrounding the Eiffel Tower with our cute Co-Eds in tow.

The upside of this is that it would like nice on the mantel when not put to use. On the other hand, I'm not sure it would fit comfortably with Mistress's strap-on harness.

Here at our SW hideaway, we have settled in nicely: sex before and after yesterday's skiing helped loosen up and then work out the kinks from a day in the snow. Although Mistress had an interesting observation over dinner:

"Slave, I may have to get a little more animated with our sex this weekend.... I think I'm a little more out there when I'm doing it with K or J...."

Hmmm.... How does one respond? At 64 I'm quite happy with our kinder / gentler form of conjugual couplings.  I'm not really the sort who can lift Mistress and fuck her at the same time the way Jay has been behaving lately. And I certainly get a lot more action than most married guys out there, regardless of age.  An article in last weekend's NY Times said that married couples average only once-a-week couplings. And that apparently included newlyweds.  Ouch!

I also do particularly well compared to some of you in cuckold relationships, who report on the blog-o-sphere that they rarely get the chance to have penetrative sex with their "hot wives".

Yes. I truly am a pampered house slave.

"No reason to go crazy Mistress.... isn't the point of having a side dish (or side-side dish, is that a condiment?) so that you can do it in ways that you don't do with your devoted spouse?"

Mistress mulled that over with our fried brussel sprouts.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Slave Was Locked Away During Cuckold Play

Mistress and Slave made it safely to our SW hideaway late yesterday afternoon, after an early launch and a long travel day. But I know that some of you, including Florida Dom, had some open questions after our blog on Wednesday mentioning Mistress's date with her lover Jay - something that had to be squeezed in before we headed out of town for this mid-winter ski trip.

In fact, as the clock approached 10:30 pm I was getting a little worried. I usually hear from Mistress at some point on her evenings away, and was concerned that after all that fucking she and Jay may have fallen asleep. We did have an early flight to catch in the morning.

So I was a pest and sent her a text message:

"Are you still out there, Mistress?"

 Fortunately, she was already on the way home, and pulling into the drive moments later, much to my relief.

Of course, my relief was not just concern about her safe return and a good night's sleep.  I had been in that infernal cage all day, and was hoping for a reprieve before bedtime.  I know some of you are caged for days or weeks at a time.  But I have been accustomed to  a sleep free from the affliction of a cock that wakes up straining against the cold steel bars of that little prison.


So to answer Florida Dom's first question, yes, I was allowed to worship Mistress's clean shaven folds once she undressed for bed. The tangy aromas and tastes of her evening with her lover were more than apparent. And I was impressed that Mistress still had the energy, or interest, to top off an evening of sexual excess with one more cum provided by my devoted lips and tongue.

Florida Dom also asked if Mistress shaves her lovely folds daily.

Yes, Mistress is very attentive to her grooming. There may be a day when she skips a shower now and then. Usually on a lazy weekend. But she attends to her folds like she does all of that lush, fit and lovely body.

Finally, FD asked what Slave thinks about when I am locked in that cage and Mistress is cavorting with a lover.  Quite frankly, I try not to get too distracted by carnal matters when caged. It can be a little frustrating, and sometimes painful.  But if Mistress calls, or teases me with a text message, my discipline can crumble, and suddenly that cage gets all too tight.

On Wednesday night I had an excellent distraction for a while though: watching my alma mater deny Coach K his 1001st victory.  But when the Irish walked off the floor to the tunes of the victory march, my mind was back in the gutter, contemplating Mistress riding Jay's cock.  A very different way to shake down the thunder from the sky.

Thankfully,  she made it home safely. ANd didn't forget where she had hidden the key.

And while Slave had to wait for his own pleasure until yesterday afternoon when we arrived at our cozy cabin here in the shadow of the Sangre de Christo mountains, at least she let me loose from that cage once I had done that post-cuckold sex worship.

Now that was a happy ending.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mistress Fills Her Dance Card.

Mistress's lunch time diversion seems to have been quite a success.

When I arrived home from work she gave me the privilege of tasting her clean shaven folds and the residue of her afternoon delight was fully apparent.

"Taste good, Slave?"

"Yummy, Mistress."

After I had done my best to coax another cum from her, she generously released her slave from my cage.  But my own pleasure would be diverted until this morning..... after all, she'd had a busy day.

WE had set up a dinner date with one of Mistress's female friends, and as we waited for her at our table, Mistress shared a few details of her afternoon with me.

"I think he missed me Slave..... he started undressing me just inside the front door.... it was a little weird when the guy with dry cleaning showed up at the door....."


"So we headed up to the bedroom, and he took all my clothes off but my tights....."

"Hmmm.... another tights guy....."

"Apparently, Slave.....that's when he had me suck his cock for a while....."

"With your tights still on?"

"Yes, Slave....."

It was about this time when Mistress's friend arrived.....leaving slave in the lurch for the rest of the details through dinner.  Ouch.

At home, once we settled into bed, Mistress shared a little more."

"Well there was some conventional missionary fucking Mistress....."

"Did that make you cum?"

"It did Slave....."

"And after he came once, we rested a bit  ..... talked...... but it wasn't long before he was telling me to suck his cock some more..... and ride it....."

"I guess that's the benefit of a guy in his 40's Mistress....."

"I suppose so, Slave."

No wonder Mistress was a little tuckered last night.

But that's not the end of her busy week. We are scheduled to leave here for a trip out west early Thursday morning. SO last night Mistress filled me in on her schedule until then....

"Jay wants to take me to dinner tomorrow night, Slave.... and then back to his place for a while....but I won't be too late.....  But that means another cage day for you...."

"Yes, Mistress....."

Looks like slave better get his own fun in this morning.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mistress Prepares for Her Lunch Time Lover

Slave made it back safely from my day long east coast trip on Saturday. Mistress lovingly picked me up at the airport, and we luxuriated in our empty nest for a long, lazy Sunday afternoon. Rest assured there was some robust Sunday morning sex in the UCTMW executive suite. And Mistress received a few "bonus cums" through the day.

Example: with no one tramping up and down the stairs there was no reason why Mistress couldn't lounge in the couch sans undies as we watched some catch up TV Sunday evening. Nor was there any reason why slave could not use his roving digits to gently coax a couple of cums as we finished up watching the TV series Fargo, something that we had missed last season.

Unfortunately, Monday was a completely different story.  Mistress had one of those very early morning meetings. Out the door at 7:15 means no wake-up sex here. We aren't super heroes after all!
But what was particularly gauling for this old slave was seeing Mistress all decked out in her tights and winter boots with no opportunity to do a more complete examination, let alone worship. But at least I was able to grab this photo.

One of the slave tasks Mistress assigned on Sunday was a shopping assignment when I visited the grocery store. 

"Slave, will you pick up some cheese in case K is hungry when he stops by on Tuesday."

"Of course, Mistress...."

 I added cheese for K and Mistress to my list, under eggs and milk.

Did I mention that K, Mistress's side-side dish is stopping by today for a little lunch time diversion for Mistress. It's been since before Christmas that they've been able to get together. And based on the texting that Mistress described to me last week, his imagination has been roving wild over these last few weeks.  And I think it's fair to say that Mistress has also been looking forward to the younger lover who makes house calls.

As for me?

"Should I be wearing the cock cage today, Mistress?"

"Of course, slave....."

The hard steel ring is already on. Hopefully Mistress will be willing to enjoy it's effect on my cock before the lid is locked tight for the day.