Sunday, February 7, 2016

High School Sex

Mistress had Friday night to herself as her Slave flew back from San Francisco. So it only made sense that she would look elsewhere in an effort to fill her dance card. Fortunately, the stars aligned and her long lost lover Jay was actually available to entertain her.  But there was a complication.... our daughter was going to be home, and it was not clear when.

Mistress gave me a scheduling update before I boarded my first of two flights home.

"We're planning on going out to dinner, slave...."

"No sex, Mistress?"

"Not sure how that's going to work, slave.... I don't want [our daughter] to walk in with Jay and I all hot and heavy. Do you?"

Well of course not.  That would be a little hard to explain, wouldn't it?

When I arrived in the great northern tundra in Minneapolis, I touched base with Mistress again.  By then she was at a local restaurant / Bourbon Bar we often frequent.  It seemed she was having a good time....

"Those two drinks went to my head, slave.....we're having fun talking politics...."

"Have fun, Mistress....'

By the time I got home at around midnight, I noted that Mistress's car was in the drive. So was our daughter's. So I was not surprised to find Mistress in bed . . . by herself.... awaiting her slave.

The conversation quickly turned to how her evening had gone.

"You won't believe this slave....we actually went to that park up the was like high school.  Jay liked the view."

"You mean "parking sex"?"

"Exactly, that bad?"

"Uh...of  course long as you didn't get caught...."

"I was a little nervous .... thinking what would happen if a cop shined a light in on us...."

Apparently Mistress and Jay were a little too horny and cast caution, and comfort, to the wind.

"So what did you actually do, Mistress...."

"Well some nice cock riding, slave... and Jay got a very good blow job."

Apparently they took Mistress's car, which had a little extra room on the passenger seat.  I imagined Mistress astride Jay, the seat reclined, riding him to a cum or two.  A pretty hot image if I do say so.

"When I sucked his cock he was in the driver's seat...."

Of course, all of these images will be in slave's head the next time I drive Mistress's car. And in Mistress's head too, I suppose.

Rest assured they were in my head on Saturday morning, when slave finally had the chance to take care of my own accumulated horniness after two days on the road.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Our Senior Correspondent Wades Back Into the Pond

Slave is out in the City By the Bay for a quick 24 hour foray. The town is all tricked out for the Super Bowl, and I even saw one of my fellow alumni who plays tight end for the Vikings on the flight out today. But somehow big “Bud Light” signs on Union Square and guys patrolling the streets with automatic weapons takes a bit of the charm away from one of the world’s greatest cities. It seems like the locals will be happy when the NFL circus leaves town. Of course, if the Panthers and Superman go home with the big trophy, our Western Correspondent could have a tough week without his high end lube to grease the skids for his chicken choking. 

But today’s entry features the lady who I think will win Sunday’s bet…. Our Senior Correspondent finally updates us on her adventures over the last year:

Mick has asked me, as Senior Correspondent, to write on the blog more regularly. He's right, both Mike (the W.C.) and I need to do a better job in the hope that Mick will get back to sending us those big checks and bonuses once again.

So let's catch up a bit. Over the last year, I set out to begin dating again. I have found it to be an interesting learning experience, and much, much different that the pre-computer dating days.

I started with an adult dating service that advertises on television about meeting people in a similar age group.  I wasn't looking for anyone kinky, for gosh sakes, the word kinky isn't even on their questionnaire, I was just hoping to meet some guys to maybe share a dinner date and interesting conversation.  So when the company had a free trial period,  I decided to take a closer look.

I flipped through their questionnaire, but something told me to hold back. And before filling it out, I decided to take advantage of their offer to look through the local profiles.  As I flipped through the numerous selfie photos, I was somewhat surprised to come across two guys I know rather well; I also know their wives from political and environmental groups I belong to.  I guess they weren't too  careful about that part of the questionnaire where you mark your marital status. I moved along.

One gentleman listed his religious preference as Purity Fundamentalist Christian. Nope, zealots of any variety scare me. Another gentleman wrote that the first date must include his adult children because they need to approve of the women he dates. No, I don't think so.

In the last folio, the guy was wearing casual wear, nauseatingly casual. He was wearing overalls with no shirt. There probably is a time and body type for overalls, but I really think people weighing well over three hundred pounds should wear a shirt with their overalls. No kidding, and one of the straps on his overalls wasn't buckled. Ugh! Plus, I can only assume the economy has been really tough on the poor guy because he hadn't been able to afford dental care. The missing two front teeth in his big smile clued me in on that.  His second photo had been taken from a distance and showed him standing in front of a double-wide trailer with a hunting dog chained to a stake behind him. Now some might think of this as truth in advertising, and it is, and he is probably a wonderful guy, but things just didn't add up to feel like a good match for me.

I never did fill out the questionnaire for that company, and I moved on. I decided to work at meeting more local, like-minded, kinky people on FetLife. I know, I know. There are weirdos lurking everywhere, but I am feeling more comfortable with the Jimmy Buffet song, "We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About".

My first foray to meet others was at a rope tying class at the local big city. I had a great time and met some really terrific folks, D/s, M/s, and just plain kinky! I learned some basic knots and releases, and worked with some other subs on self-tying. That was a new concept to me, and believe me when I say that I will never be as into it as one man I met. He ties his neck and wrists, then with a different piece of rope he ties his ankles leaving a long lead rope. Flipping over onto his stomach, he ties his ankles to his wrists behind him. Did I mention he's quite limber? He ties himself like that and stays that way for hours while his Domme is working her day job on her computer in another room of their house, and has been doing that for years. He taught the under 30 subs how to do that tie, while the two of us who were over thirty, tried it and gave up in gales of laughter. We then watched the others in amazement, helping with their knots when needed, and cheering them on. Mission accomplished, new friends!

I was a bit taken aback to learn that most of the classes and events for the local BDSM group are held at a building in the big city that isn't wheelchair accessible, outside or inside. I spoke to the organizer, who is a great gal,  and she said she would be happy to send two guys out to the parking lot (which is across the highway), one to carry me and one to carry my wheelchair.  While being carried a distance by well muscled young men holds a certain appeal for me, I think I'll wait on that.

And, I decided to take that as a sign that I needed to work harder at finding someone to date or scene with on my own. I went back to FetLife and, sure enough, things perked up. I 
began exchanging emails with a very nice man, a very nice younger man. But that's a report for another day.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bon Voyage Sex

Slave is jetting off to the left coast this morning for an overnight work gig. Mistress is back in bed at the UCTMW world HQ. I already miss her, and long for my return late on Friday night.

But last night my trip became a good excuse for some raucous post work sex. 

"It's going to be until Saturday morning, slave". 

We had gone for a bike ride and I suspect Mistress thought her old slave might only be up for some worship. But I surprised her with an avid work-a-day cock. 

After a cum or two delivered by my well trained tongue There  ensued some enthusiastic cock riding which seemed to leave Mistress "topped off" for my 36 hours or so of absence. And in case that won't tide her over, there's talk of a dinner date with her lover Jay tomorrow night. It's been a while. 

We were lucky our daughter was working late because the sounds of passion would not have been easy to miss. 

Of course slave was topped off too. If you have to leave town there's no point in leaving horny. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Slave's Horrific "Losing Streak" Broken

Over at A Married Sissy, poor Terri is on a long string of days without any sexual relief. I'm thinking about getting in touch with the Submissive Protection Program of the SW to see if they can intervene.

Fortunately, Mistress Molly is much more merciful than her counterpart Dianeover at AMS. Slave's "horrific" abstinence streak ended at about 46 hours on Tuesday morning, though Mistress insisted on a report on the final count from Iowa before she indulged me. Oh, and some between the thighs worship too.

Then it was off to work.

Upon my return to the UCTMW World HQ at the end of the work day I found Mistress relaxing under the sheets in those alluring work out tights she knows are a real turn on for her fetish hooked slave.  You can bet there was more worship for Mistress before slave went about the task of preparing our dinner.

It was a restful evening after that, giving us time to catch up with the latest episode of Billions. As mentioned a few days back, there is a backstory involving Maggie Siff's character engaging in some rather kinky Fem Domme fun with her husband, the hyper-vigilant US Attorney played by Paul Giamatti, the hardly a Hollywood hunk son of the former baseball commissioner.  Episode 2 left us without a window into the F/m private life of the two co-stars. But there was a rather kinky scene at the very end of Episode 3 that raised some eyebrows in our living room.

There was Paul, tied hand and foot to the marital bed. And. Maggi, with some sort of electric wand type of device she applied to her sub hub's tummy that apparently was rather shocking.

When she decided he wasn't focused in the way she required, she turned her back, left the room and let him languish and consider the error of his ways.

Of course, walking toward the door gave us all a nice glimpse of her alluring Domme outfit.  But I must say I've never seen that little magic wand device before.  Can any of our readers let us know what that nasty little device is?

In any event. Billions may generate a lot more Showtime subscriptions among kinksters once word gets out about this fun little sub-plot.