Thursday, November 26, 2015

May the Turkey Be With You!

Mistress and slave did some Thanksgiving "pre-gaming" last night over at the Dowager Domme's house. In addition to my mother-in-law and her husband, there were my sister in law and her husband and one of our "Dommes in Training". I'm not sure where the tradition of the pre-Thanksgiving chow down came from, but it seems odd to me. Is it to help stretch the membranes of our tummies to prep for what is to come?  Is it to exhaust all of the polite subjects of conversation so we can get too personal and catty when the full complement of guests show up for the full feast?

Last night's twist was that Mistress's sister and her husband (who drove me crazy seeking legal advice a few Thanksgivings back), are now on a diet. But rather than simply cut back on eating, they spent a good bit of the night explaining how bad all the things we were consuming were for us. Her I-phone now has an Ap that explains how many "points" are in each cup of soup, dab of dip, glass of wine, or slice of pie. And she made us well aware of each purloined brussell sprout from someone else's salad she grabbed and popped into her mouth.

I'm already wondering when she will run out of points and leave the table tonight!

At least we have built a little relaxation into our schedule today.  I am hoping for some wake-up sex with Mistress a little later this morning. Then some time hanging out with my cute grandsons.  We are lazy and pick up our turkey and fixings from a local chef at a funky downtown restaurant. So that should leave a little time for a mid-afternoon nap before we hunker down to greet our guests and family members for the annual force feeding.

And by starting at 4 pm, isn't there a good chance that all we be gone and the dishwasher grinding away for its first run of the night by 9 pm?

One can only hope.

Mistress did invite her lover Jay to stop by for desert. He could easily pass for a family friend with this crowd. And while it seems unlikely that he will show, the very thought of him sneaking upstairs, or out to the garden or driveway with Mistress for a quickie while her family digests the 5 pies already on hand should give us all something to be thankful for as we  work our way through yet another Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

When the Kids are Away....

Slave broke his 48 hour of abstinence streak early on Tuesday morning.  I knew I had better get some action while I had the chance . . . before the masses descended on the humble UCTMW World HQ.  Mistress was very accommodating, allowing her slave to take my pleasure after some wake-up worship, and before I headed into the office.

But I figured it might be a while before we had enough privacy for some intimacy in our bedroom. After all the boyfriend will be here through the weekend, and our youngest daughter would be arriving after midnight.

Sure enough, when I pulled into the drive at the end of the workday, the boyfriend was already there.  He's a nice kid. Maybe a little too suck-uppy to his girlfriend's parents for my taste. He clearly makes his presence known before heading off to bed with our cute former co-ed, who got home from her new job a little bit after the boyfriend arrived. The house was feeling more than a little crowded.

Mistress arrived home shortly thereafter, and we decided to hide out in our bedroom before dinner for a while. Mistress was sleepy, and we had that midnight run tot he airport ahead of us.  The sun wa already down, so we figured, good time for a pre-dinner nap. With the lights out, we cuddled with no particular prurient intent.

Then there was an unexpected announcement.

"Mom.... we're going to the grocery.  Do we need anything?"

I tried to squelch my enthusiasm, as I gave her a few items to search out that I hoped would prolong their stay.

When the door closed, and we heard their car back down the drive, suddenly our napping plans changed.

First, of course, there was some oral devotion showered on Mistress.

And then....

"How about some sex, Mistress?"

Of course in some F/m households that would be considered a breach of protocol.

How dare a slave take the initiative when it comes to nooky?

Fortunately, Mistress was in an indulgent mood, and we conducted our furtive couplings with abandon, enjoying the brief moments of privacy that will be all too limited this weekend.

But when we heard the car door close out in the driveway, we knew things had to be brought to a quick conclusion . . . fortunately slave was able to bring things to a head and finish the pleasant task allowed me before we heard that all too familiar query:

"When are are going to have dinner?"

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Slacker Slave

Holiday overload  has already begun here at the UCTMW World HQ. One of my older daughters and her very earnest husband joined us for dinner here last night.  At least it was a small, manageable crowd to cook and clean up after. And some nice dinner conversation that was not swallowed by the din of too many squabbling family members.

Tonight it's a very late night drive to the airport to collect our youngest daughter. Then Wednesday evening we go to the Dowager Domme's house for dinner, just in time to begin expanding our bodily cavities to prepare for Thursday's forced feeding.

In the meantime, all this forced family timing can get slave distracted from his prime directive - appreciating and pleasing Mistress.

Yesterday was an abstinence day for me because Mistress had one of those too early Monday morning meetings. But I did get to appreciate Mistress slithering into those fetching black tights that hit some of my hottest buttons.

When I got home from work I first had to focus on getting some of our dinner into the oven.  But that did leave about 45 minutes before our guests arrived.  That gave me just enough time to shed the power suit, pull on some jeans, and then implore Mistress to wriggle down those tights (she still had them on) for me to shower those clean shaven folds with some much needed attention.

Today I'm a slacker because 1) I did not wear the cage yesterday; and 2) I can't wear it today because I am dropping off my daughter's car for service and will ride my bike into the office.

Mistress was a little disappointed when she heard the news.

"Sounds a little too convenient an excuse, slave."

And I must say I do enjoy that moment when Mistress closes the lock on my cage, particularly on those days when Mistress has some extracurricular plans of her own.

I feel a little guilty denying her the pleasure of knowing her cock is locked away for the day.

Maybe I have to give her that pleasure during Thanksgiving dinner?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dreading the Holidays

Mistress and slave spent a lovely Friday evening at home alone last night, after a too busy week of too much socializing. And it could get worse in the week to come.  We made sure to get in a some worship and clean shaven fold fondling as we caught up on Homeland, and devoured left over Indian food from the party we threw here in Thursday night.

With the holidays approaching, our extended families start showing up, expecting us to schedule them into our lives. We will be hosting Thanksgiving here for about 12 folks. And then there are the ancillary family gatherings that Mistress's mother, the Dowager Domme,  and my older daughters will try to wrangle us into.  And of course our youngest daughter will be back from college for the long weekend, cramping our style on the other side of a thin bedroom wall.

Mistress and slave will barely have enough privacy and time for some basic sexy fun, let alone any kink or cuckoldry.

Am I the only person not looking forward to all this forced march extended family togetherness? Is it wrong to think family time is better when it's less, not more?

It makes you wonder if there isn't a better way to celebrate Thanksgiving, doesn't it?

Rather than have the same collection of relatives, daughters and boyfriends / sons-in-law over for the holidays, wouldn't it be more fun to have Mistress's extended collection of side-dishes over to eat bird and other body parts?  And why not invite some of our sex blogger friends to join in? Maybe Diane Paul and Terri, from A Married Sissy Cuckold, or the inimitable Cuckolder with his entourage? It could be an orgy of eating and excess, sexual and otherwise.

Rather than my sometimes annoying sister in law and her condescending husband asking for free legal advice, Terri and I could be wearing aprons, cock cages and little else, preparing the feast, while our ladies could be putting their alpha lovers through their paces, working up an appetite. Sure, they might get their "stuffing" before the turkey and marshmallow coated sweet potatoes are served.  But I'm sure they'd save some room for cream pie!

No doubt after dinner Terri and I would have a lot of "cleaning up" to do.

But it would would be a lot more fun.  And there would still be "Black Friday" to look forward to!