Friday, December 2, 2016

Making America Safe For Cuckolding Again

Mistress was getting ready for her first real "date" with her prospective side-dish when I got home from work last night.  I took particular pride in the fact that she chose some saucy turquoise undies I got her for Christmas last year.  The potential unveiling of her assets that John had proposed via text in Wednesday night were clearly on her mind.

And while I was tempted to offer to worship before she left for their rendezvous at his apartment, the downside would have been tempering the sexual edge that no likely had been building over the prospects of a first encounter with a new lover.

There was one snafu.  The plan was to meet at his place at around 6 pm, but there was an unanticipated delay. John was tied up in traffic on his way home. A certain pussy grabbing white supremacist was in town to soak in the adulation from the throngs, and his motorcade had locked up traffic throughout our typically sedate burg.  He was Making America Stuck in Traffic Again, and also getting in the way of some hot cuckolding sex!

Has he no shame?

Of course, we know the answer to that question.

But while the passion of the two recently acquainted love birds was delayed by our new Leader, it was not to be  denied.

Mistress left about 30 minutes after she had originally planned, and reported to me via text about 30 minutes later that she had arrived safely, despite horrific traffic. Of course, I had the coordinates of her encounter in case she "disappeared". Making dinner and catching up on Westworld and the news took up my evening. And at around 10 pm or so I texted her to make sure all was OK.  She responded a bit later that she was on her way home.

I did not get a fill debrief as we settled into bed.  Mistress was clearly tired.

"You can have a taste slave....but I don't need another orgasm. I think my body has had enough for tonight.."

You can be assured that I took her up on her offer, sampling the sweet, creamy mixture of juices that were the remnants of her date night.  I'm hoping that her body will have recovered in time for Friday morning wake-up sex.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Just When You Least Expect It....

As reported yesterday, Mistress was on the verge of giving up her quest for a new "side-dish", at least through the holidays. The pickings were slim on AM this time around, and the comic relief was no longer worth the hassle.

But there was one final candidate. We had been trading emails with him for a few weeks. He was single and moving to town for a new job; and Mistress (or her corresponding secretary) provided some helpful tips on what neighborhoods to look at for his new home. Our trip to Europe and his own travels had delayed an initial meeting.

Mistress is averse to phone calls or texting until that first meeting. Her theory is that unless you find that initial spark when you meet someone, all that furtive texting or chatting via phone can be a waste of time.

So last night was to be their first real one on one communication. The plan was to meet at a neighborhood bar / restaurant for a drink. And Mistress was skeptical based on several prior meet ups of this type. As she primped for her "date", she grumbled a tad.

"I think I'd rather be taking a nap with you, slave....."

But she's the type to keep her commitments, and so she soldiered on into the night. Slave took a solo bike ride with plans to tackle some chores around the house.

After an hour I hadn't heard from her, so assumed that at least John had shown up and they had found one another. After about 90 minutes, I was wondering what my Mistress was up to.  She turned up at the door not long after that.


"I actually liked him, slave....He's kind of hot".

She gushed a bit, describing him as a well educated business guy with an engineering background, who had lived in Chicago and LA in the past. Unlike his demographic archetype, he hadn't even voted for the pussy grabbing white supremacist. And he must have a sense of humor, one of the unstated requirements for any meaningful relationship with Mistress.  She handed me an "application"  he had typed up and provided that channeled some of the criteria listed on Mistress's AM profile:



APPlCANT: John ....;




FIT: Somewhat







More Information: Recently moved to River City, lots of time on my hands to focus on an interesting, fun woman. Goal is to achieve many pleasurable, fun experiences. Respectful, yet assertive and confident, very willing to take charge, No little blue pill required.

"So how did you leave it Mistress?"

"He wants to see me tomorrow night, slave...."

He clearly did, based on the text storm that transpired before and after dinner here at the UCTMW World HQ. Mistress showed her slave a few of the more provocative comments he made in his effort to woo her into a return engagement this evening.

Mistress and slave did discuss where this next rendezvous might occur.

"I'd rather have him come here, slave...."

"I can find something else to do and make myself scarce, Mistress...."

"No, that's not fair....."

"He might be a little creeped out with the cuckolded hubbie hanging around, at least at first...."

She took my point, and seemed inclined to meet him at his apartment, with a decision to be made today. Of course,  she confirmed his legitimacy on social media and google first. His back story checked out. But that first private meeting with a prospect can also be a little anxiety inducing.

"I asked him if he was a serial murderer, slave....."

"And what did he say?"

"Not lately...."

By the end of the evening, the anticipation of engaging with a new lover, stoked by some smutty text messages describing how he would prefer Mistress to unveil her charms for him,  had gotten Mistress a little "on edge".

"Maybe you should put that book down and worship, slave....."

Of course, her wish was my command. And slave was a little on edge himself.  As I dipped into her clean shaven folds with my well trained tongue, I noticed that the pump was already primed....

"You're pretty wet down here Mistress.... could it be that your encounter and communications tonight have gotten you aroused?"

"That's quite possible, get to work...."

She didn't have to tell me twice.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Scraping the Bottom of the Ashley Madison Barrell

We are back in River City, grateful our drive through the (very) Smokies was a day before all hell broke loose. We have gotten back into our daily sexual rhythms, with wake up sex and evening worship.  It's a good life!

But on the cuckolding front, Mistress is about ready to give up on AM as the way to identify a back-up sidedish.  Maybe it was the whole security issue that has limited the choices available.  Or maybe Mistress has just become more discerning (or more cynical?) about the guys who turn to AM in an effort to "find the passion lost" in their marriages, relationships, or life. After all Mistress just wants someone to have a little extracurricular fun with.... she doesn't want to be a therapist.

As her designated corresponding secretary, it's been my job to act as the filter on her AM account. I try to show her only the missives or photo requests that could possibly draw her attention, or at least get a good laugh. That means in excess of 90% of the potential applicants end up "trashed".  The grounds for rejection are multiple and varied: too short (should be at least as tall as me, 5'11"); too large; too old (Mistress already has one mate in his 60's) ; too young (no 20 or 30 somethings); too whiny about his sexless marriage; too far away ( rejected if you come from more than 50 miles away); too likely to be a pussy grabbing white supremacist Trump voter.

After Mistress takes a look at the profiles or photos of the remainder, another 90% of the remainders get rejected.  She is picky, as she should be.  There is one more "date" set up for drinks after work tonight with a single guy recently moved here. After that.... well maybe Mistress's profile goes dark once again, at least through the holidays.

The only downside will be missing the applicants who generate some blog fodder. Like the late 50's guy from KY who recently tried a contrarian approach to get Mistress's attention....the "you're too old for me".  Here is his message:

Good morning!  Although your profile sounds very interesting I am finding that women over 42 years of age cannot keep up with me I'm not saying we could not have a good time Just that usually older women have a little less stamina and  with my conditioning I do have a lot of endurance and stamina if you know what I mean :-)  if you check me out and you're interested let's at least chat your town is a very easy drive for me if you're available in the afternoons ?  Who knows we might become best friends both in and out of the bedroom ! 

To summarize, this guy's come on is "even though I'm older than you, you're probably too old for me"!  You can imagine how that went over with Mistress.  And she didn't revise her opinion when she caught a glimpse of the selfies this scrawny old fart sent with his message.  Here's an example:

Is that a scar, or a centipede crawling up his "6 pack"?

I guess one thing I will miss if we go dark on AM is the blog fodder it generates!

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Mistress and slave went into family exile for the holidays, leaving the Dowager Domme, our whiny sisters, and various and sundry other extended family members back in River City for a weekend on the lam in sunny Savannah. The excuse was a visit with our daughter and her boyfriend. But it was certainly liberating to spend a few nights in a very plush historic Inn and avoid the hassle of serving yet another big meal to an unhelpful crowd that has become too accustomed to our hospitality.

Rest assured that there has been lots of R&R time in our upgraded suite, so that slave has delivered Mistress more than a few cums these last few days. And slave has hardly been denied himself!  It turns out that not preparing a meal involving turkey and stuffing may be the ultimate Thanksgiving aphrodisiac! That and some of the local oysters!

The only downside has been the local internet service provider used by our Inn. Can you imagine my shock when I pressed the button to get to our Blog page only to learn that it was blocked as PORNOGRAPHY!

Moi, a pornographer?  Say it isn't so! I think we run a very R rated blog here!  We never cross the line into appealing to purely prurient interests. And I always discretely cover Mistress's clean shaven folds with a delicately placed zebra tail or something equally artsy! Add in the occasional political commentary and we have at least some redeeming social value at UCTMW, don't we?

Fortunately, I was able to retrieve our mobile wifi device from the car in order to connect with our demanding audience to assure you that we have not yet been interned at Guantanamo. Apparently Verizon doesn't have such discerning standards