Monday, April 27, 2015

Mechanical Failure Mars Mistress's Date Night

Slave continued his East Coast trip Sunday, moving from the rarified air of one of the nation's most elite Universities to the comparably meaner streets of the City of Brotherly Love. I'll be here for another day before finally heading home to the welcoming arms (and folds) of Mistress.

Fortunately, Mistress was able to amuse herself in my absence in the arms of her lover, Jay.  She's a little nervous that one of my oldest friends and his wife saw her and Jay walking to dinner Saturday night. But I'm sure that any curiosity readily can be papered over. (She assures me they were not observed sucking face, or worse on the sidewalk).

She did mention that by Sunday morning she was feeling like the proverbial filly that was "rode hard and put away wet".

"I'm exhausted Slave... there was sex before dinner.... then he woke me up in the middle of the night for more sex.... then there was sex this morning...."

Sounds as if Jay definitely rose to the occasion in his role of filling in during my absence. When you're a "side-dish" who is 13 or so years younger than a Husband-Slave you have the advantage of saving that pent up energy for short and intensive bursts when called to the stage. Sort of like our local Cuban "closer" who steps onto the mound in the 9th inning every few days to rocket the ball over the plate at 110 mph or so.

In any event, Mistress sounded Sunday like a woman who was well satisfied with Jay's clutch performance. Hopefully it will tide her over until Tuesday night.

But there was one problem.

"The hitachi crashed and burned Slave.... it only works at high speed now."

"Oh no, what happened, Mistress?"

"Well you know how Jay likes to see me do myself with the hitachi. He says it's really hot. But when I got it out, the lower speed setting wouldn't work..... "

Poor Mistress. she does prefer that lower speed. High speed seems too intense for those sensitive lady bits. But I suspect for that one command performance, Mistress gave one up for the team. so to speak.

Plus now I know what to get her for Mother's Day.  Maybe I should get an extra one for Jay's house too?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ivy League Kink

Slave spent the day yesterday with one of my older daughter, touring that legendary Ivy League campus in northern Jersey where F Scott Fitzgerald and Bill Bradley once prowled. It's a beautiful campus and appealing town, filled with earnest students and faculty and no doubt very expensive homes.

Meanwhile, Mistress was back in River City. It sounds like she had a busy day herself, capped off with a sleepover with her lover Jay.

We were only able to trade a couple of texts and talk briefly at around 8:30 last night.

"Jay came over around 5:30, Slave... and now we're walking up the street for dinner."

"Hmmm.... that was three hours ago", I thought to myself.

"Have you been busy, Mistress...."

She giggled.

"Yes, SLave.... we have been busy...."

I suspect they let loose in our bed, knowing there was no sleeping slave in the room next door to "disturb".

Later last night I got a text before we both headed to bed.

"Ugh.  I think we saw your friend Bob up on the street last night, Slave...."

It was what we had discussed, the chance Mistress would run into someone we know when out on her Saturday night "date".

"Don't worry, Mistress... no big deal.", I responded.  There are plenty of explanations for a night out with another guy that we can come up with if need be.

On our tour yesterday we stopped by the University Art Gallery. It was a rather impressive collection that would endow more than a few major colleges or Universities, no doubt contributed by some very flush alums.

That $100 Million Monet on the wall?  Oh, just something we didn't have room for when we "downsized" in Palm Beach.

But one picture in prominent display did catch my eye as being a little beyond the button down Ocford, top sider norm:

I guess even Ivy Leaguers can have a rich fantasy life.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Mistress Fills Her Weekend Dance Card

Slave is heading off to the east coast for a few days on Saturday morning. I will be visiting one of my older daughters, and attending a conference in the City of Brotherly Love.  While I'm hunting down cheese steaks, Poor Mistress will be left to her own devices (including the hitachi?) while I'm gone.

 How will she handle the loss of my food preparation efforts?

Or my more... intimate.... services?

Mistress has been working on that.

"So Jay is really going to spend the night here Saturday night, Slave."

"Well I'm glad to hear that, Mistress. I wouldn't want our bed to be chilly while I'm gone."

In fact, Slave feels much better knowing she will be in good hands and well fucked when I'm not here to perform my marital (and contractual) duties.

We talked about what happens if they are out to dinner in the neighborhood Saturday evening, and run into some of our friends. We agreed that they would avoid any PDA's and have a "cover story" for any curious friends wondering where devoted hubby is while Mistress dines out with this "other guy".

Of course, honesty may be the best policy.  How about: "Mick is away, so it's a chance to spend some quality time with my 'side-dish'."

Mistress did remark on the unusual nature of her Saturday night plans. In the past she's spent the night at Jay's house. But he's rarely spent the night here....

"It will be a little odd with him here overnight and you not in the other bedroom, Slave...."

Honestly, I couldn't tell you which scenario is odder -- Slave in the kid's room while Mistress sleeps with her lover, or Slave out of town while Mistress sleeps with her lover. But either one is hot, don't you think?

At least Slave will know that Mistress is well taken care of, and adding to that cum count, even while I am off on my brief tour of Jersey and Philly.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cum and Go

Mistress was a little harried yesterday. 

After some wake-up sex in the UCTMW Executive Suite she had a series of meetings all about town, and a big traffic accident that shut down the expressway made it all the more complicated.

"Jay wanted me to come by at lunch time --- he must miss me slave -- but I told him there was no way."

Poor Mistress.

It's not like her to pass up a nooner.

At the end of the day, we had plans to take one of my clients out for dinner at a swanky new downtown restaurant.

Fortunately, Mistress made it to my office with just enough time for a little "stress relief".

She had some rather kinky shoes on, and was able to slither out of her black panties for me. All Slave could do was kneel and get to work.

The resulting cum seemed to take the edge off a busy day for her. Then it was off to dinner.  I doubt our guest was able to detect the scent of Mistress's musky juices that covered my face.