Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mistress Back in the Saddle

After skipping our traditional conjugal rights on Friday to assist Mistress's  recovery from that medical procedure earlier in the week, slave was rewarded with the opportunity to invade the clean shaven folds on Saturday morning.  It was a very welcome release after a whole day of abstinence. (I know, I am spoiled!)

My Saturday was pretty booked after that, dealing with my  ditzy mother's move to an assisted living facility, and my two sisters, who seem obsessed with getting a plethora of ancient  and seemingly worthless stuff from her "downsized" apartment, but don't seem to have the organizational ability to pack it and haul it away themselves.  When I took the position that Mom should not bear the expense of paying for movers to pack and transport stuff that they want, I was not particularly popular.

Since Mistress knew I was going to be up to my eyeballs in family drama for most of the day, she made plans to "brunch" with her Lover J, who had just returned from  vacation.

It had been a while since they had seen each other, and his son was still away, so I figured there was a chance for some hijinks. But considering Mistress's tender condition I was uncertain what to expect.

By about 3:30 pm we were both home, and I got the full "read out", or at least some of the juicier details.

"We had pancakes, Slave...."


" We went back to his house.... he wanted to see the Planet of the Apes movie.... but...."

"I know you hate those sorts of things, Mistress, which suggests there must have been a Plan B...."

"Well, we did start 'messing around'...."


"He wondered if I had fully recovered, and I told him that you and I had successfully accomplished some action...."


"So he went for it Slave, but he was careful like you were, and said said doing it that way was kind of hot too....."

Poor Mistress, she had to lose her "virginity" to two guys in three days!

She confirmed that there was a good deal of sucking before they moved onto the next phase, and that she was the beneficiary of several additional cums.  Naturally she was a little sleepy.  But Slave did get a chance to do some "clean up" duty, worshiping Mistress from my knees and confirming that she had been well and truly used in the preceding hours.

"I wish I could let you fuck me again too, Slave.... but I probably should give it a rest until morning."

And although her work-a-day cock was more than up to the task by then, I could see the wisdom in her judgment.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Like A Virgin

Mistress and Slave celebrated their anniversary yesterday. It's a day when the celebration usually includes some hot sex. But because of Mistress's medical procedure earlier this week, we were proceeding with caution.

Yes, Mistress received her morning worship on Thursday.  But it had been since Monday morning that Slave had been given the opportunity to take his own pleasure within Mistress's clean shaven folds.

Her  MD had been a little vague in his advice about when "conjugal rights" again might be exercised. My advice to Mistress was to wait until she felt fully capable. But I think she was feeling a little sorry for her Slave and his enforced abstinence for a whole 3 days! (I know, a lot of you guys in chastity have a lot more patience than I do!)

Last night we scheduled what would have been a romantic dinner to toast our 21 years of marriage. At least until our cute Co-Ed expressed surprise that she wasn't included!  So the three of us had a pleasant (if un-romantic) dinner together at a funky little neighborhood bistro. 

After dinner,  we withdrew to Mistress's executive suite at the UCTMW World HQ. I was fully prepared to "hold fire" until the weekend, but Mistress was gung-ho. 

"Let's go for it, Slave.... I will let you know if you have to stop...."

So we proceeded, gingerly.

Slave made sure Mistress had a little starter cum by deploying my lips and tongue. Her response and my pent up demand had her work-a-day cock more than ready. 

"Just be gentle Slave.... pretend I'm a virgin....."

The combination of my ardor and the need to go slow and gently created a rather intense set of sensations, that seemed to extend rather than expedite my cock's re-entry into Mistress's tender folds.

I tried to be sensitive to any signs of distress from my beloved Mistress, while leavening my instinct to "go for it" con mucho gusto. 

Rest assured that there was a happy ending.

Hopefully there was no damage done. If not, maybe Mistress will be ready for a re-match this morning now that her "virginity" has been re-taken.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ice, Ice Baby!

Mistress has oft been referred to as "Smokin' Hot", but sometimes you have to cool off. So it should come as no surprise that after some minor surgery she has been required to ice down those clean shaven folds. Don't you like the way her ice pack matches our sheets? And do you think we can hit up Apple for some product placement revenue?

Fortunately, she did feel up to some worship before bed time last night. Slave eased the ice pack away to reveal some slightly swollen folds, and when my tongue reached out for that first delightful taste my first thought was "twat-cycle"!

I went about my task gingerly, and it took Mistress a little longer than usual to thaw enough to warm to my ministrations.  And, with a little more effort, there was a happy ending!

Of course, she is not quite ready to accept the work-a-day cock just yet.  Hopefully by the weekend, we can get back to a more routine level of sex-capading here at the UCTMW World HQ.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Abstinence Week

Mistress and Slave made it back to River City safely on Sunday evening.  Thankfully we had some hot wake-up sex back in Harry Truman's hometown Sunday morning, because by the time we pulled into the driveway at around 7 pm, Slave could only muster some worship for his beloved Mistress.

Now we are on an unusually long break from our typical conjugal rights because of a medical procedure Mistress had scheduled for Monday afternoon. Nothing serious, mind you. But it will keep us chaste at least through the end of the week.

Which goes to show that even at the UCTMW World HQ there can be a break from the sexual routine.

I'm not exactly sure how we will handle all this pent up demand for several days. Do we go the "distraction" route, and ignore everything with  sexual cues?  Skip the  season premier episode of "Masters of Sex" on Showtime, in favor of the baseball All-Star Game?

Or start posting about when out cleaning person comes, like Fury did yesterday?

At times like these I really miss Suzanne. I know she'd have a helpful suggestion. But then it would inevitably involve a cock cage.