Monday, January 16, 2017

Mistress and her Mountain Man

Mistress had a “date” Saturday evening with her long time crush – a guy who’s summited Everest, Dinali (aka McKinley) and a batch of other peaks around the world. When he’s not gallivanting around the world, he’s tossing explosives to trigger avalanches before the slopes open to mere mortals, as part of the ski patrol at our local ski resort. We’ve called him Mountain Man (MM) here over the last few years.

He’s the peak that Mistress would love to bag in her fantasy life. And we all need fantasies, don’t we?

But was it really the “date” she had in mind?  Not really. For one, her slave was along to chaperone. Hard to flirt with me sitting at the table at a local watering hole, slipping a beer. Though hardly impossible. 

And there was a legitimate reason for our meeting with MM. In September we are joining a group to climb Kilimanjaro, and MM is our guide. (Of course, it’s no coincidence that Mistress made sure we signed up for this particular expedition, is it?)

So Mistress reached out to MM to arrange a time to talk over training, equipment and what to expect on the trail to the top.

Of course, “Kili” is a walk in the park for MM. Sure it’s a jaunt up to 20,0000 feet.  But (they say) it’s a relatively easy stroll if you can handle the altitude and all those hours and days on your tootsies. There are lots of bearers and other staff to lighten the load and prepare meals. We just have to show up and endure.

Flirting is optional.

Mistress did a little of that over our drinks with MM. She avidly shared a few climbing stories from her youth that seemed to get MM’s attention. I could detect the glow in her eyes as she and he discussed some mutual friends from her days climbing Mt. Ranier, where MM has guided over the years.  Has she planted some seeds that could sprout in the months to come?  We shall see. But it’s definitely a long term project that I do not think Mistress is prepared to abandon just yet.  At least it might keep her on simmer through our adventure in September!

In the meantime, there is some frustration in our efforts to find her a local “side-dish” here in the high desert now that we plan to spend much more time here. AM has been a bust. Too few fish in the arid, higher altitude pond here. Mostly guys looking to cheat on their wives, which Mistress does not find appealing.  But apparently she’s not the only one with a problem when it comes to looking for some relaxed, unencumbered sex. 

In yesterday’s Washington Post, there was an article by a late 30’s woman titled “I Want A Lover Not a Boyfriend, describing her frustration in finding a "Mr. Right Now" who is happy to provide some sexual attention without the trappings of a traditional “relationship”:

“I’m not looking for a “boyfriend” or a “husband.” I want a lover. I want to have consistently good sex with someone I like and respect, who likes and respects me, without the trappings of domesticity. That might change. Might not. But in this moment of my life, when I’m juggling projects and co-parenting, I simply want good sex on a regular basis with a side of good conversation, the occasional out-of-bed adventure and special-occasion date.”

She describes how single guys actually get insecure when they learn she’s not looking for someone to “put a ring on it”.

So maybe this “first world problem” is not as uncommon as one might tend to think.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cock Ride Palooza

Mistress and slave have been enjoying our time away - extending now beyond our typical two week stay and heading onto a month. It's beginning to feel more like home here than back in River City. As it should, since at some point down the road we hope to cut all our Heartland ties and become full time residents here in the high desert.

In terms of sexual fun, Mistress has gotten a tad more feisty this week during our morning sex.  Maybe it's the lack of a "deadline" to be up and out of the bed -- after all the ski valley is not going to go away if we show up 30 minutes later, is it?

The result has been a more active role for Mistress, as she "saddles up" on her slave's eager cock following that initial starter cum delivered by my avid and well trained tongue.

Yesterday morning was an example. After a quick inspection and the application of her full and tender lips to assure that her work-a-day cock  was fully prepared, She rolled onto me, her long hair draped over her face. I just laid there as her fingers grabbed hold and guided my eager organ into the close and cozy confines of those clean shaven folds.

She eagerly took charge then, sliding up, then down, impaled on my humble tool, a woman possessed. Or should it be possessing?

Then, with a sudden shock, and to my awe, she came with startling force and fury.

"Wow, Mistress that may have been a record."

"I guess I was horny this morning, slave....."

Apparently.  Was it because she was anticipating her apres ski "date" that evening with the long time object of her fantasies - the mysterious " mountain man" from the local ski patrol?

More on that tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Golden Showers Go Mainstream?

Since we started writing this blog all those years ago, subjects then considered "taboo" have increasingly gone mainstream. So we've had some fun pointing out when "mainstream" media outlets dabble in the kinky --- like all that cuckolding going on at PBS in their "Indian Summers" series; or the Fem Domme wife / psychologist  binding and cropping her prosecutor hubby on Showtime's Billionaire.

But yesterday the media stepped into kinky territory that even Mistress and slave would consider yucky --- the assertion that a certain President elect retained some Moscow Prostitutes to perform an exorcism of sort.

According to a document published at Buzzfeed (Alleged Ties Between Trump and Russia), Russia had collected "compromising" information on Trump during his stays in Moscow for various Beauty Pageants.  Supposedly this includes a time in 2013 when he stayed at the Ritz Moscow in the Presidential Suite where Mr. and Mrs. Obama had once stayed.

The memo quoted by Buzzfeed - part of the opposition research efforts of Trump's GOP opponents -
describes a scene where Trump engaged prostitutes to perform a "golden shower show" on the bed where the Obamas had slept because he "hated" Obama.  The claim was that the Russian Intelligence Service had video/audio evidence of this "show".

One can imagine Mr. Trump and his "companions" chilling in one of the luxe suites at the Ritz, overlooking Lenin's tomb and the Kremlin. No doubt Melania was back in Manhattan, walking her mastifs.

I hope he left a big tip for the staff who had to change the sheets afterwards. Though somehow I doubt he is a big tipper.

So all over America this morning, kids might be asking ...

"Mommy,  what's a golden shower?"

Suggested answer:

"Well honey, you know the President is a very wealthy man. I bet he puts very fancy plumbing into the showers at the White House when he moves in."

Let's hope the kids don't get too curious and start googling it.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Dowager Domme Strikes Back

Mistress and slave have been quietly enjoying our extended getaway here in the High Desert. A big snow storm swept through on Thursday night and Friday morning. We were too lazy to fight the crowds and slippery roads on a "powder day". Instead, we hunkered down at home on Friday, walking in the snow, lazing in bed, and enjoying the privacy of our hideaway.

But our extended absence has her mother, "The Dowager Domme" in a manipulative funk.

Like a good daughter, Mistress called her on Saturday afternoon, after we returned from the ski mountain (we couldn't justify another lazy day!).  After the call I heard the fall out:

"It clear she's pissed we are gone for so long, slave....all her friends are sick or dying, it could happen to us (i.e. her) anytime....a friend got shot in an unsafe neighborhood, she goes to work everyday in an unsafe neighborhood, we may all be healthy for  now but that just means our luck will change sooner rather than later.... blah, blah, blah....."

I can see her now, sitting on her throne, pissed that I've stolen her little girl away to a remote time zone where she can't dote on her mommy.

Why can't she take it out on her husband, Mistress's step father, rather than put her daughter on such a passive aggressive  guilt trip?

"You spend more time with her than your sister does, Mistress, even though we go away from time to time. Why doesn't she take it out on her?"

"She claims [Molly's sister, who lives out of town] calls her multiple times a day....whereas I only call her once a week or so...."

"Do you believe that?"

"My sister says it isn't so...."

We had dinner last night with some friends who live in Oklahoma, and travel here often.  Mistress was recounting these stories of Motherly manipulation. Our dinner companions shared some of their own.

"When my mother died I had to clean out her house.... I found two vibrators, a couple of pistols and an assault rifle", Jane recounted.

"The guns were loaded.  I had to call for help from the Sheriff's office to make sure they were unloaded and safe", her husband added.

Well I guess it could be worse.  The Dowager Domme could start packing heat.  Although maybe it wouldn't hurt to buy her an Hitachi (if she doesn't have one already) to atone for Mistress's sins.