Sunday, August 21, 2016

Crowded House

I woke up this morning, looked morosely at our blog, and realized it's been six days since slave posted here.  That could be an Olympic record for sloth, if the Olympics add that event, along with bowling and tanning, to the program in 4 years. In fact, maybe I should start training now?

The problem is that even with the very low bar set here for "news" worth blogging, it's been a very slow week in River City as far as kinky carryings-on go.

We've had our prodigal daughter visiting for what now seems #longenoughtoseemlikemovingbackin time. And then on Thursday night the older daughter was back with her boy friend for a few nights. So there have been plenty of family socializing and very little kinky sex.  While Mistress and slave have been able to squeeze in some morning sexual activity, it's been of the "keep it quiet or we'll scandalize the children" varierty.  It's made even this kind of lazy slave long for the lazy afternoons of ass-cropping and pegging that are the provinces of an empty nest, not a crowded house.

Last night, instead of a quiet evening at home we had the grand family dinner, with all four of my daughters, three cute grandkids, and the Dowager Domme and her husband. Slave smoked some Salmon for the occassion. We had hoped to eat outside, but it looked like it might rain, and the Dowager Domme doesn't like to eat on our rustic patio with it's uneven brick surface. It's hard on her lizard shoes!  (I can't make that stuff up!).  While the event was festive, I have t admit a sigh of relief when the final guest departed and the clean up was done. Only then could Mistress and slave retreat to the private confines of the executive suite here at the UCTMW World HQ.

And of course, poor Mistress has no free time to enjoy the privileges of her permission to enjoy the bounty of Jay's alpha cock. Our daughter is very efficient at keeping track of her whereabouts and making sure she tags along if a meal is involved. Although word has it that Jay may get called into service for other duties this week: our daughter wants to learn how to drive a standard transmission car, and he's the only one who has one that we know of.  You can imagine Mistress's efforts to persuade Jay to take on this kamikaze mission with his cute little Honda Civic GT; and her response to our daughter's question "so how do you know this guy?"

Sadly, this may go on for a few more weeks.  Our younger daughter plans to camp here until her new visa to return for another year of "study" in the Euro-Zone comes through. And as all you Brexiters know, the machinery of the European Union bureaucracy grinds oh-so-slowly.  What ever happened to the days when you could cram a few bucks into the breast pocket of a corrupt embassy official and get prompt service?

Now they are too focused on making big donations to the Clinton Foundation to make sure the skids are greased in the next administration?

Never mind.  There's no point in a "sex blog" without sex in it.  I suggest you tune into "A Married Sissy" if you want some real action for the rest of this month.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Run Silent, Run Deep

Our youngest daughter is back from "The Continent" for about 4 weeks.

"All the Europeans take August it's kind of boring there this time of year."

Well, we're glad to see you too, honey, even if it's just because the bars in Brussels aren't as much fun in August.

Honestly, it is good to see her. It;s been nearly 8 months for me. And I suppose we should be flattered that she is willing to spend so much time with us.  At her age, I would not have been caught dead spending more than an hour or two a week with my parents, let alone four weeks.

Though it's clear after only 3 days of chilling with her parents that we are already getting on her nerves. The lectures on how boorish and loud we ugly Americans are have begun. Like at the movies yesterday, when she was chowing down on a big box of popcorn.

"In Europe at the movies, they don't eat in the theatre. People don't like all that loud chewing."


Ah well.

The biggest issue is that with her ensconced in the bedroom next to ours, Mistress and slave have to be sensitive about what we say in the privacy of our own bed.

"You know I can hear you talking about me!"

OK.  But what about when we're not talking?  Mistress and slave have resorted to "furtive coupling" mode. Continuing to "do it", but under the covers and without the ecstatic sounds that might typically  be produced by some robust wake up sex, or afternoon worship.  And that also forestalls use of some of our louder means of sexual entertainment: It may be a while before slave gets to deploy Mistress's favorite power tool, or she dons her harness / strap-on.  But at least it seems unlikely that slave will experience one of those noisy croppings on some trumped up charge.

But when you are in stealth mode, as we are required to be, there is a certain devious appeal.  It reminds you of those teenage  days when make out sessions had to occur in the basement, as parents prowled above.  Can you sneak up on that "launch mode" without someone figuring out what is going on?

Will Mistress and Slave be able to "torpedo their way to glory"?

Or will those nasty depth charges get us first?

Friday, August 12, 2016

Overnight With Her Lover

It was a relatively laid back cuckolding sleepover here on Wednesday night.

Slave planned a summery dinner of grilled fish, and fresh from the farmer's market sweet corn and green beans.  Mistress and Jay chatted in our living room over beverages, as I "slaved away" in the kitchen.  Dinner was served in our garden on a night when the heat and humidity of River City was at its apex.

Afterwards, there was some Low key lounging in our living room and even some TV watching. It was a work night after all, and we were all a little lazy.

Typically slave and Mistress cuddle on the couch when watching TV, Mistress stretched out, her uncovered folds tempting me to linger with my fingers.

It was different with Jay there..... Slave ceded the couch to his wife and her lover.  Mistress stretched her legs onto Jay's legs, seemingly teasing his cock through his shorts with her bare tootsies. As you might expect, that was a little distracting to slave as I sat in a nearby chair.

Of course, Mistress seems to enjoy having both of her men dote on her.  I had even suggested that I could make myself scarce for the evening so she and Jay would have some private time.  But she insisted that I remain home, apparently valuing both my company and cooking!

Jay remains a reluctant cuckolder. He really doesn't "get" the humiliation element that floats some cuckolding boats. He's even a tad embarrassed to share Mistress's bed when I'm around.  So it was not surprising when he took me aside in our kitchen when Mistress was upstairs....

"Mick.... the plan is that  I stay the night. Are you sure that's OK with you?"

"Not a problem, Jay.....Molly enjoys it, and it's all about her as far as I'm concerned...."

Truth be told, Jay probably thinks old Mick has a screw loose.  But he was more than happy to climb the stairs with Mistress and join her in our bed when our show was over.

I went to bed a little later, in the adjoining bedroom of one of our absent daughters.

And while the after action reports suggested it was not one of those incendiary sex nights -- Mistress had a very early meeting Thursday which cramped her wake-up sex style -- she seemed happy with the outcome.

"Don't worry slave.... I had my quota this morning.....", she said as she paraded into our kitchen, completely naked, at about 6:30 am.  I brewed some coffee for her lover, and she brought it upstairs to him before hitting the shower and putting on her work armor.

It was about 30 minutes later when she and Jay came back downstairs, fully dressed and ready to face their days.

She kissed me goodbye as she and Jay left our back door early.... him headed to his car, she to hers.

It was then my time for the  shower and getting dressed.

Just another day in the life of Molly and mick.

But back to normal this morning.....fortunately Mistress has no one but me here this morning to float her boat!  And with our prodigal daughter headed home this afternoon, I'd better strike while the nest remains empty.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Foxy Lady

Mistress let me know yesterday that her lover Jay will be joining us for dinner tonight.  It's up to me to plan a proper meal. Something nourishing and tasty, but not so filling that it would unduly weigh down the two love birds should they choose to enjoy a private night cap in Mistress's executive suite.

Will this be a sleepover that relegates slave to our daughter's room for the night?  Not sure. Mistress has a very early meeting on Thursday morning that might compromise plans for Jay to share her bed through the night.  But then..... tune in tomorrow and I will provide the sordid details.

But here's something I noted yesterday in the media that's worth sharing.

We've all followed the sad plight of the ladies of Fox News. Who would think that a network that treats their on-air female talking heads as "eye candy" , with a special leg cam to go with their "no pants" rule. I'm not a big fan of FOX, but wasn't it obvious to anyone that the modus operandi at FOX was to show off the gams and not the brains of their female on-air personalities?

So is it hard to believe that after much high priced internal investigating that their former poo-bah Roger Ailes had a habit of shaking down his ladies for sexual favors?

I think we've seen this movie, haven't we?

But yesterday it got a little better for those of you with a kink proclivity.

When a sexual harassment claim draws blood, it's not unusual for other potential claimants to come forward. Is it because the new accusers  were previously intimidated by "the man" to speak up? Or is it just piling on and hoping to get a quick, copy-cat  pay-day?

Ao it came as no surprise that a new accuser popped up this week. A certain Andrea Tantaros. Not exactly a household name.  But she now claims she was one of those ladies from the Fox stable of right wing scolds who claims that  she was asked to "do the twirl" for Roger. As a consequence of her refusal, she was relegated to the back bench, and found fewer and fewer opportunities to opine on-air that there  may be a radical Muslim sleeper cell residing in the White House.  Ultimately, she was off the air all together.

But the Fox News spokesman has a different spin. That story is that sweet Andrea was taken off the air not because of her failure to succumb to the Boss's prurient importunings; but because she refused to have her book cover approved by the Network. As a hot young Fox personality might be expected to do, Andrea wrote a book explaining why feminism was really a terrible  deal for women. The title:"Tied Up In Knots. How Getting What We Want Made Women Miserable".  

Considering the title, it was only natural that the cover have a bondage theme, right?

So was Andrea booted off the air because she would not play Princess Leah to Roger's Jabba?  Or was it because she had the bad taste to hawk her books with a kinky cover?

After this fair and balanced presentation of the facts, I will let my readers make the call.

Meanwhile, I have some menu planning to do.