Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hunkered Down in Our Hideaway

Mistress and Slave survived Kansas and finally arrived at our SW hideaway on Tuesday afternoon - just in time for a late afternoon nap.

The drive was uneventful - a couple of roadside cafe breakfasts, and an overnight stay in Bob Dole's hometown. We stopped for dinner at a local restaurant where the steaks were thick and the locals were even thicker. There maybe something about all those bovine growth hormones leaching into the ground water.

Once in Colorado, we did do a little "market research" at one of those new fangled "recreational dispensaries", staffed by hippie grandpa and hippie grandma, who gave us the run-down on their inventory and all these new fangled "delivery systems".  We even picked up something for Mistress to share with her lover Jay if we decide to go back to River City.

Mistress got some early morning Kansas worship, if only to defy Governor Brownback, but we saved the day's main event for our arrival at our little adobe in the shade of the Sangre de Christo Mountains.  After a recuperative nap in our cozy bedroom, Mistress directed slave to insert "your device" (the trusty aneros) which had its typical effect. Rest assured that Mistress received some starter cums via her slave's oral "delivery system" before slave got his reward for all that driving over the last two days.

It was well worth it.

Speaking of worthwhile, Marc, "The Cuckolder" left a comment yesterday wondering if he'd be invited to visit the SW hideaway.

Marc, the welcome mat is out. And I suspect Mistress would make your visit more than worthwhile.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Westward Ho

It's been a crazy few days for Slave:

Saturday Mistress and slave had a chance for our last "two-a-day" for a while , with an afternoon "nap" time squeezed between a visit to my cranky aging mother and a night with three of my daughters with the Pussycats, who did a nice job making Jay Cutler looked like chopped liver.

Sunday I hopped in the car with my youngest daughter at 6:30 am, off loaded her at college on the East Coast 10 hours later, then caught a late night flight back to River City. Mistress was kind enough to pick me up at the airport. We made it home around 1 am Monday morning. So it was a "no sex" Sunday, at least for me. (I haven't asked whether Mistress broke out her favorite power tool in my absence.)

Monday we did get some nice semi-awake-up sex in, then it was a day at the office for me, and an afterwork cookout with some political types.

This morning, it was back in the car. We're heading to our SW hideaway for some end of summer empty nesting. Right now Mistress is behind the wheel as we cruise through central Missouri.  We will bed down somewhere in Kansas. Somehow sex in Kansas always seems more "forbidden" and therefore more fun!

A little while ago Mistress was talking to her lover Jay. He's had a rough few weeks with a very sick father. Mistress was trying to offer some solace.

"Why don't you just come out to our hideaway and have sex with me, Jay?"

I'm not sure what he said, but from Mistress's response -- "Oh, he's just listening to the radio"-- I could tell was a little squeamish about Mistress mentioning her affection for his sexual stylings in my presence.

Poor Jay.

He just doesn't get this cuckold thing, does he?

And Terri -- if you and Diane want to stop by while we are out west, maybe Molly and Diane can compare cuckold / domme notes.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Unexpected Quickie

After Thursday morning's wake-up sex, I thought slave was shut down for the day. We had a full house at home, and plans for dinner with our daughters at the end of the work day. And what slave can complain about one chance for sexual release a day? Certainly I am a pampered slave as compared to all you readers on perpetual lock down.

But I always keep hope alive.

When I got home I reclined on our bed with Mistress, who was lounging with her computer in a flimsy nightie. We took some family calls, checked our email. (I even responded on behalf of Mistress to an email from one of her "fans".  Our older daughter was off with a friend. But the other was through a rather thin wall next door, presumably packing for Sunday's trip to college.

I came upon Terri's rather detailed posting at A Married Sissy about a Wednesday afternoon encounter involving his wife Diane, her lover Paul, and poor Terri, blindfolded and listening to their sexy antics in the corner.  Pretty hot!  When Mistress finished talking to her Mother, the Dowager Domme, I handed her the computer, suggesting that she read Terri's entry for some mental stimulation while I descended betwixt her thighs, and topped off her orgasm tank.

She seemed more than amused, and was soon shuddering through a seemingly satisfying cum.

  Thanks for the assist Terri!

But then something surprising happened. As Mistress plugged her I-phone in, she peered out our window.

"Slave.... [our younger daughter] just left for a run....."

Hmmm.... a suddenly, if briefly, empty nest.

"Want to have sex?....."

Well we had already started, hadn't we? And slave was already at half staff, equally inspired by the picture of cuckolding debauchery so skillfully painted by Terri. With little additional assistance I was  soon ready for action.  Of course, It had to me a quickie. Our daughter is no marathoner. But somehow I rose to the occasion. What a surprisingly unexpected two-a-day and good way to end a Thursday.

The moral of this story: take your opportunities, and inspiration,  when and where they are presented!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Shameless Cross Promotion

Here at the UCTMW World HQ, we've got a little more company infesting the nest.  Our younger daughter made a cameo appearance - arriving back from her European "internship" for a few days before leaving for college. With an extra daughter in the room next door, Mistress and slave will have to be even more silent when we exercise our conjugal rights.

That did not prevent me from offering to worship Mistress when we settled into bed last night . And fortunately I had a little extra help in terms of jump starting the arousal process.....

I was doing a little pre-worship blog perusal when I came upon this image of Mistress over at
The Cuckolder. It seems Marc's lover was out of town, and without any plaintive cries from the Cuck to unlock his cock cage (Marc has taken on a "keyholder" role) he had some time on his hands. (I won't speculate what he had in his hands),  So he was checking out our companion blog ( over at instagram and found this fetching image of Mistress to accompany some discussion of Mistress and slave occasionally using his blog as foreplay.

Of course, when your prime directive  is to sexually  stimulate and satisfy your dominant wife on a regular basis, you take help wherever it may be found.  When Mistress and slave ventured into the cuckold lifestyle, one theory was that a sexy and attractive women such as Molly could hardly be satisfied with the attentions of only one guy, no matter how devoted. With Mistress's primary lover Jay tied up with some family duties these last few weeks, she's had to rely on only her slave for any sexual fun. And while I've tried to rise to the occasion, it's always nice to have a little help when it comes to stimulating the imagination and getting those juices flowing.

So last night, it was only natural for me to hand the lap top to Mistress and let her read Marc's entry while my tongue and lips went on task. Of course Mistress was a little surprised when she found her visage on someone else's blog. And her overly self critical nature focused on a perceived shortcoming - "I'm not sure I like that shot of my tummy, slave....." I reassured that she looked quite fetching in that shot, as I am sure our readers would agree. Once she put down the laptop, it seemed it took only a few more seconds before she was shuddering through her evening cum.

Somehow I don't think Marc has a problem with his role as surrogate cuckolder in the UCTMW Executive Suite.  It takes a village!