Thursday, October 23, 2014

Just Following Orders

Mistress is off to the west coast, visiting an old friend with some health issues. She did check in regularly with her Slave yesterday.  After getting off an interminable work related conference call last night at around 8 pm she gave me an update on her day.  I made some dinner for myself and settled into watch some bad TV when I got an unexpected message.

"Feel free to touch tonight.
Don't want a horny slave.
send me a hard cock shot."

I responded with an enthusiastic "will do."

Then she added:

"I'm requiring it. "

What else could Slave say but:

"Yes Mistress".

Of course, I could have been a little cheeky. I was deleting some duplicate photos on our computer while on my conference call,  a sort of "Mistress is away" busy work, when I came upon a shot of the "at full attention" special occasion cock that our Western Correspondent must have sent Mistress a few years back. We've tried to root them out to avoid embarrassment if a daughter is checking out photos, but they seem to replicate, like lemmings once they enter your I-photos.

So I thought about pranking Mistress by sending her a shot of Mike's SOC rather than her Slave's more modest work-a-day cock. Some how I suspect she might have noticed the difference.

But I decided to "follow orders".  After a day without my normal "wake up" sex, it was not difficult to bring the old fellow to full attention and send a shot off to Mistress. I imagined her choking on her spelt pizza if it popped up over dinner.

But she seemed pleased

"Love that beautiful Slave"

As you might expect, after 36 hours of sex desert, it was not too difficult to complete my assigned task.

Today's order is not nearly as much fun.

"I want you in the cage today, Slave."

I already have the ring on, and will seal her work-a-day cock away after my morning shower.  I opted for the stainless steel model. I suppose Mistress could have appointed a temporary key holder while she is away. Instead, I will be on the honor system, and leave the little key on my dresser.

I suspect I will be expected to send her a "caged cock" shot from the office today, to add to her collection.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bon Voyage, Mistress

Mistress is heading off to the west coast to visit an old friend for a few days. Slave will be left here to brood and be cold and lonely at the UCTMW World HQ.

Just me, the two cats and netflix.


But after all her sexual adventures over the weekend - three guys in two days (counting me), she admitted that she probably could use a few days to "chill".

"It won't kill me to have a few sexless days, Slave...."

No doubt.

She did mention that K was texting her yesterday, posing questions about her sex life and sharing some memories of their Friday afternoon together.

"He wanted to know of you ever lick me after you come inside me, Slave.  He thinks that's hot."

Well it has happened, but not frequently. Slave gets pretty mellow after cumming. The temptation is to move onto the next thing on the schedule. I always try to make sure Mistress cums first, even before I re-introduce my work-a-day cock yo those clean shaven folds.

"Well I do offer sometimes, Mistress.... would you like more of that sort of post fucking action?"

"Hmmmm..... I never was sure you really meant it Slave.....but now that I think about it, it might be a good idea."

So there is something to look forward to once Mistress returns.

And it got me wondering - is that something K would like to see Slave do after he fucks Mistress?

I'm wondering where this is heading. Maybe Mistress needs to raise that question the next time she and K are texting?

Not sure I will have much to post about here until then though. Now is a good time for all you would be sex bloggers to send me your submissions.  I love playing the editor for special guest bloggers!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mistress's Busy Saturday Morning

Saturday was a tad over-scheduled here in the UCTMW household. But you will be happy to know that Mistress did not go without a "double header".

I was scheduled to take my cute grandsons to some sort of Lego-palooza Saturday morning. Fortunately, Mistress, who was still in recovery mode from her encounter with K on Friday afternoon, did indulge her Slave with some gentle but compelling wake-up sex before I shifted from Slave mode to grandpa mode.

"Jay asked me to have brunch while you're out with the kids, Slave."

"Have fun, Mistress...."

My assumption was this was brunch as in "eggs and 'taters", not munch on Mistress's clean shaven folds, or Jay's well conditioned cock. Part of that deduction was based on the fact that Mistress was not showering and shaving before her AM rendezvous.  That sort of grooming is more typical of her when she's heading to a sexual liaison, particularly after the "busy" Friday she had.

Apparently we both assumed wrong.

After I dropped off the grand-kids, and headed over to visit my cranky, aging Mom, my cell phone rang.

"Hi Slave....well it turned out it wasn't just for breakfast.... there was sex too."

Sounds as if Jay had made child care arrangements, leaving time and opportunity for some additional late morning nooky for Mistress.

"I had to apologize that my folds were a little bristly, Slave...."

"I suspect he was willing to overlook that, Mistress."

I for one enjoy the sprightly texture that a little "evening shadow" can  add when Mistress'  folds are a little less than clean shaven. But we all have our kinks, don't we?

By the time we were both back home later Saturday afternoon, we were more than ready for an afternoon nap -- though I did squeeze in some worship before Mistress finally showered.

It takes a sophisticated palate to fully appreciate the flavors accumulated  in and amongst Mistress's clean shaven folds after sex with 3 guys and two bike rides over 24 hours.  Fortunately, my palate is up to that challenge.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mistress "Entertains" One of Her "Backburners"

Slave wrote here last week about the social media phenomenon of many married ladies keeping on simmer one or more "backburner" relationships, just in case the guy(s) on the front burner (husband, boyfriend) suddenly peter out.

As I mentioned then, while Mistress  has her devoted Slave, along with a lover, Jay, on her front burners,  she has been in touch with several other former or prospective lovers over the last several months. Just the other day she showed me a "sext" photo her former college beau E sent her from an LA hotel, showing him in the buff via a bathroom mirror.

What could I say?

"He's looking pretty buff, Mistress."

"I suppose so, Slave."

Well yesterday, another back burner lover popped back up. We've referred to him here by a little nick name that apparently he does not appreciate. (He does read the blog from time to time), so in the interests of avoiding offense, Slave will just refer to him as K. As I recall, he first popped up here a couple of years ago during Mistress's "Cougar Week", when she was sampling several younger guys she met on AM. She's been in touch on and off with K, who serendipitously discovered the blog a while back, much to our embarrassment.

Not that Mistress's "review" was unfavorable. As I recall she had some very compelling experiences with K, and I enjoyed making dinner for him and serving him coffee one morning.

But the relationship was not sustained, primarily because K was involved with another woman and the complications of that became, well, too complicated.

But there apparently was an attraction that survived. The two stayed in touch. Enjoyed conversations and the occasional get together.  But it was still a bit of a surprise when Mistress phoned me at work yesterday and said that K had given her a call and was coming over for a Friday afternoon "visit".

When I got home - riding my bike on a beautiful sunny fall day here in River City - I discovered a well satisfied Mistress. Apparently there had been a hot and heavy encounter in the UCTMW executive suite.

"It was pretty intense Slave.... me riding his cock, a few other more exotic positions he likes....and he loves to use his tongue on me...."

"Sounds like a good way to end the week, Mistress."

"It was, Slave.....he actually came twice....."

"Yikes.....that's something your old Slave hasn't been able to do in one session in a decade or so...."

"Well he is about 20 years younger than you."

"I suppose that is a consolation, Mistress."

Of course, Mistress has no expectation that her encounter with K will become a regular thing.

"We get along well, Slave. He's fun to be with. And the sex is great. He said I looked great and felt great."

"A classic 'fuck buddy', Mistress. Who can argue with that...."

By now we were in bed, Mistress in her bike top, her bottoms off. Slave had also stripped away my riding pants and shirt.

"K did ask if I would let you fuck me when I got home, Slave."

"And what did you tell him?"

"I said I would let you use your tongue on me, but that would be all.  I've had enough cock for one day, Slave"

Of course, that led directly to me sliding between Mistress's firm and silky thighs, happy to soothe those well exercised clean shaven folds. I was happy to play my proper role, and could not help but taste the consequences of her afternoon with K.

Slave knows his place, and will patiently await my chance this morning.