Monday, May 23, 2016

Evening On the Town

Mistress and slave have been homebodies of late. We enjoy our own company and there have not been many excuses for us to hang out with other folks.

But on Saturday night we were out in our rebounding downtown, Mistress all dressed up in a sexy and elegant black dress, and slave in a dark suit. A male couple Mistress works with were celebrating their first wddinganniversary. They had been married in NYC about a year ago, only weeks before the Supreme Court decided our more backward state also had to allow same sex marriages. As a practical matter, this was the fancy wedding reception that had skipped a year ago.

The festive event was held at one of those stuffy old gentlemen's  clubs which in the last century was restricted to Ivy League grads and their lunch and dinner guests. On the wall was "the Big Guy" William Howard Taft, glowering down on the proceedings. One can imagine what his reaction might have been to two gentlemen celebrating their mutual vows in his old haunt. Then again, he would have been down for the all-you-can-eat beef tenderloin and potatoes.

At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, let me just say this: gay guys throw the best parties!
Betwixt the martini bar and the wine bar and the raw bar and the charcuterie bar, Mistress and slave were certainly well fed and a little tipsy by the time the party ended with a champagne toast to the loving couple.

But for Mistress the best part was the macaroon bar. It's an addiction for her that slave has trouble relating to. But vive le difference!

As the party concluded, we decided to skip the official "after party" and trolled down the moonlit avenue to a tasteful piano bar run by a fellow who always gushes over Mistress when she graces his door. And of course he did that again on Saturday night, giving Mistress a tight hug when we found him at the bar.

As you might imagine, we slept in a little later on Sunday morning, and our wake-up sex was slow and leisurely.  Mistress seemed grateful that I pulled out her favorite power tool for a double cum before she indulged me with the favor of her clean shaven folds.

But a new work week has dawned. Mistress has one of those way too early meetings this morning, so there will be no wake up sex.  And slave can't ride to work because I have a "dress up" work day today.

"No bike, know what that means.... in your cage...."


"Yes, Mistress."

I wonder if Mistress has been paying attention to Diane's crack down over at "A Married Sissy"?

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Free Terri!

Here at the UCTMW World HQ we had a quiet evening at home Friday. Mistress visited Trader Joe's and collected some goodies for a little "picnic" dinner.  There was some time in bed - and some worship - before we enjoyed our dinner and caught up on some TV episodes we had in the "Q". (The People vs. O.J. Simpson, a surprisingly compelling re-telling of a very familiar story). Today should be equally laid back, and Mistress has even threatened to pull out her strap - on this afternoon if Slave is well behaved.

Speaking about  submissives behaving badly, I woke this morning to discover that Diane, the lady of the house over at A Married Sissy has pulled the plug on Terri's blogging privileges. It's a little unclear what motivated this crack down on Terri's right of free expression, as well as our daily source of amusement about the adventures of Diane, her "sissy" husband Terri, and her lover Paul. But I suspect the "crime" was a little sustained whining by Terri that he has been cut off from sexual satisfaction for the rest of the month. And considering the fact that he is perpetually cock caged by Diane, she does have the ability to keep a very literal lid on Terri's fun.

But consider this Diane:  Terri has willingly agreed to hand you the key to his sexual release, without any apparent whining about the rigors of your daily confinement of his family jewels. He has also written an (almost)  daily blog documenting his devotion to you and your sexual contentment. You are on the pedestal that Terri constructed, and all of us get to admire the view.

Considering all that, what's the harm in a little public whining about his desire for some sexual gratification. You can always say "Hell No". And when he reports your hardcore insistence that he remain on lock down, I suspect that triggers a whole lot of sexual fantasizing about you and your hardcore Domme-ish ways.  Now what's the harm in that? Don't you get a little thrill at the thought of all those guys and gals getting off vicariously on your handling of your hubby?

And if you are determined to impose a punishment upon your impertinent sissy husband, can't it be something that doesn't involve a disruption of his always entertaining blog?  Maybe something like on the left?

Free Terri! (Not from his cage, but to communicate his pent up angst to the rest of us).

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Gizmo of the Century

Reading Terri's "A Married Sissy"  entry this morning I realized that I had missed  the arrival of this year's "National Masturbation Month".  That's not something slave thinks about much.  I am so pampered by open access to Mistress's clean shaven folds that I rarely have the yearning for "self help". Instead, I follow the "no touch" rule, unless given specific authorization from Mistress.

But it seems timely to note something that Donna, our Senior correspondent passed along this week: Notice that Time magazine has listed the (formerly) Hitachi Magic Wand as one of its top ten most influential gizmos of all time - up there with the I-phone, Sony Walkman, and HP DeskJet printer.  Here is a chunk of the press release from the current Magic Wand maker:

Time Magazine notes that fans and therapists have “extolled the Wand’s virtues”, and that it appeared on Sex and the City in 2002. It also notes the Magic Wand’s enduring association in popular vernacular with the company that invented it, Hitachi.
The Magic Wand, previously the “Hitachi Magic Wand”, became widely known after sex educators like Betty Dodson, Joni Blank and Dell Williams recommended the massager to their clients, starting in the 1970s. Since then consumers have loved it for its power, quality and reliable satisfaction. In 2015, the Magic Wand Original was joined on store shelves by the Magic Wand Rechargeable, a cordless massager offering the freedom to enjoy the wand’s pleasures almost anywhere, anytime.
“We are humbled that the Magic Wand has been recognized in this way by Time Magazine,” says Shay Martin, Vice President of Vibratex, Inc., exclusive importer of the Magic Wand since 2000. “Consumers, therapists and reviewers have praised and recommended the Magic Wand for over thirty years; still it is an honor to see the ‘Cadillac of vibrators’ on this iconic one-time list by Time Magazine,” adds Martin.

Of course, the Hitachi has been at the top of Mistress's favorite gizmos for a long time too.  It's a nice supplement for fun and games here at the UCTMW World HQ when she gets bored with my avid lips and tongue. And it would not surprise me if it gets whipped out from time to time when Slave is working late or away for business.  I also know that her occasional side-dish Jay enjoys watching Mistress put on a little show for him with her favorite power tool.  Apparently it is now a universally acknowledged go to tool for discerning women world wide - and for a few men too, based on Terri's candid disclosures about how Diane uses it while he remains confined to his cock cage.

I did a little research this morning for some illustrations and had not realized all of the accessories available for this classic gizmo. Check out this tumblr page if you are magic wand original

Here is a photo of one woman's elaborate accessory collection:

Obviously, Slave needs to be helping Mistress add to her collection.  I particularly liked this one, which would be nice to have around should we get back into our "switch day" ritual:

 Anyone know where I can find one?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Ideas For A Reader Looking to Scratch a "Femdom" Itch.

Mistress and slave made it safely home from our 5 day work/leisure getaway late yesterday afternoon, with some time left for a nice bike ride before dinner.

Our weekend went as (un)planned. The weather was  grey and cold on Saturday, giving us an excuse to “shelter in place” in our rustic room after a long walk to and from breakfast. Another “two-a-day” was part of our plan, and Mistress punctuated our afternoon session with some vigorous cock riding.

Sunday dawned with some bright sunshine. And though it was still unseasonably cold out we took a long walk on the beach after some cozy wake-up sex. 

All in all, our getaway was a nice chance to spend some time together before heading into a few challenging weeks of work and family duties.

When we arrived home we noticed some hefty comments to Saturday morning’s blog. Our anonymous blog historian presented an  interesting perspective on Mistress and slave’s style of communicating. And “Lapsed Catholic” responded in detail to my question about whether her husband was clued in on her own AM fueled couplings:

Thank you so much for the wonderful responses. No my husband is not aware, I tried to spice up the sex life before joining AM but alas no joy, he would not even entertain a vibrator. I have tried to swing our lives around and am slowly dripping information to him re a cuckold lifestyle. However this has to be done gently. I like the idea of denying him sex and using it as a "reward" basis. I am going to introduce a chastity device as a method of introducing the whole subject but am working the best way to do this. He is very traditional! A true British gentleman so it is taking some planning. I think he perceives me as this quiet gentle mother, fortunately Ashley Madison has provided the sex so sorely needed. Fortunately he does know I have a humour so therefore that is my "gateway" to starting the ball rolling. Oh and a fettish for boots he has! I hope you had a wonderful exploration of a weekend.

All of this might be fuel for our own readers’ imaginations and ideas.  How do you introduce an unsuspecting husband to the “benefits” of a chastity device?  And when a wife has an unfulfilled appetite  for some Femdom adventures, what do you do with a clue less husband?

It seems that the more typical situation is where the husband has an inner submissive  nagging to come out, and is searching for a way to get his wife to tag along. Surely there may be some ideas out for LC as she schemes to release her inner Domme.  Any ideas, dear readers?

My own thought ties to LC’s comments that her “British gentleman” husband has a bit of a boot fetish.  Now there’s something to start with.  LC, maybe you should start posing around the house in a get-up like the one on the left. If you get him started focused on the boots, he might start enjoying the accessories too!