Monday, January 11, 2010

Slave gets "Pegged"

Slave is still in a bit of a haze from a weekend where I succumbed to a cold, that was exacerbated by sitting outside watching our local team collapse in a very cold play-off game. Consuming all that pseudo-fed may get me on the Government’s watch list. So yesterday I forgot to mention that Mistress used her strap-on Saturday afternoon to remind me of my status as her Slave.

It had been a few weeks since Mistress pulled out the tools she uses on such occasions. And its been less than a year since Mistress began to take me this way, which certainly hastened our realization that I should be her Slave in more formal terms.

Not long ago, I ran across a description of this process, labeled “pegging” in at the Tickleberry website (I was looking for a replacement cock cage), and thought I would share it. The author does a good job describing the roles and emotions involved when a male submits to this form of play:

The phrase was coined in 2001 by the winning answer to Dan Savage’s competition in his sex advice column “Savage Love”, which appears in many city newspapers throughout the States and Canada.
Pegging Definition:
Pegging is the name given to something we know Tickleberry clientele have been enjoying for many years!
It’s the act of a woman penetrating her man anally with a strap on dildo. It’s female to male penetration.
Pegging can be performed sensually, slowly and rhythmically or deep, fast and rough. It’s a fetish or kink enjoyed by lots of hetrosexual couples that has links to erotic male surrender and Feminine Domination.
Male Submissive Fantasy:
Pegging taps into the submissive male fantasy of being dominated by his Mistress, submitting to her desires, and giving his mind, body and soul to better serve her needs. When a man expresses his submissive self and is anally penetrated by his female lover he learns to relinquish control.
His Emotions:
As with any erotic fantasy enactment the submissive person is placing a lot of trust in his loving dominant partner. Assuming this is his first experience of anal penetration you need to bear in mind he’s probably feeling a mixture of conflicting emotions in essence he’s likely to be feeling extremely vulnerable, very apprehensive and yet highly aroused and excited at the same time.
When he offers himself in readiness for pegging remember he’s placing an enormous amount of trust in you.
Your Emotions:
Wearing a fully equipped dildo harness can have quite an impact on the mind set for many women. At first, you may be a little unsure about fulfilling his sexual fantasy. This certainty is quite natural, particularly if your man has always taken the lead role in the bedroom. Wearing a dildo harness requires you to adopt a more dominant role, a role which you may soon delight in and relish, as you discover your new powerful, controlling, erotic self. A new dominant sensual self which you allow out to play during erotic bedroom scenes as you anally penetrate your husband or boyfriend.
Take Control:

Any role play in the bedroom is all about exploration, love, sharing, arousal and most of all fun. Don’t get too serious about it the first time. As mentioned in our How to Wear a Dildo Harness page, get used to how it feels on you. Equip it with your favourite dildo and thrust your hips, walk around the room, bend, stretch and make any adjustments to the fitting before you use the harness for the first time. Do this in private and as you become accustomed to the mental and physical effects of wearing the harness you’ll gain confidence and be prepared for the first pegging session!

You need to appear to your lover that you know what exactly how to anally penetrate him and that you’re taking control of playtime. This is particularly important if he is about to become his submissive self and is excited at the thought of you dominating him. Take a look at our Divine Domination pages in the After Dark area for some tips. Your newly acquired skills of domination and sexual power may surprise and arouse you! Relish the sensations of being in control!
Position your Lover in Readiness for your attention:
There are 2 basic positions for your “Bend Over Boyfriend” to adopt:
Bent over a supportive surface that’s just a little lower than his waist height, with his feet securely on the ground. Beds or tables are ideal and offer support if he should become weak at the knees! This position will ensure his bottom is nicely presented to you, you may even want to give him a gentle spank before you start!
Lying on his back in a “Missionary” type position. This is the most comfortable position for anal intercourse and strap on dildo play, but often the least preferred by submissive men because the sensation of vulnerability is missing. In this position he lies on the bed with a pillow to support the small of his back and his legs pulled up. You would then penetrate him from above.
Any anal play is really so much better when you use a good quality lubricant. As he’s bent over waiting your attention apply a generous amount of lubricant to your silicone cock, simulate male masturbation and glide your hand up and down its shaft. Let him see what you’re doing. Tell him what you’re doing, and where the dildo is about to go.
Next apply some lubricant to his rosebud. Rub it around. To help him prepare and relax his sphincter massage a little lubricant inside him, gently and sensually push your finger in and out several times.
Take the shaft of your slippery silicone penis in one hand and guide its head so that it’s gently nudging at the entrance of his anus. Slowly start to push it inside him. Don’t force it, wait for his sphincter muscles to relax and accept the intrusion. As the dildo’s head enters about 25 – 50mm wait a little more, giving him time to become accustomed to the sensation. The first time it’s essential to go slowly and gently.

With his bottom presented before you use it for support! Place your hands upon his hips and hold him. Now push forward with your hips in one gentle slow confident motion, until the dildo is completely inside him. Again wait a moment or two and let him get used to the sensation of being penetrated by you.

Now using your hips glide the dildo about half way out, then back in again. Continue pushing in, and pulling almost out. In and almost out. Check your lover’s body language. If he’s ready, build up a regular thrusting rhythm, perhaps going faster, deeper and with more force. As you develop your thrusting techniques it’s normally best to ensure the dildo doesn’t actually come all the way out. Bear in mind what you like when you normally have intercourse together: do you like it deep, with a regular rhythm, or would you like him to pull out completely and thrust back in again?

As your skills grow, try to develop variations: pull out completely and let him beg for more! Pull out completely and gently nudge at his entrance, not allowing the dildo to enter until you’re ready. Spank his bottom as he awaits your pleasure. Whilst fucking him with your strap on don’t forget to give his cock some attention too.
The affect on his prostate:
Pegging can’t fail to have an effect on the male prostate. As your dildo enters him it’s massaging his g-spot pleasure centre, and the sensations he feels will be those of “prostate milking” which increases arousal and gets his ejaculatory fluid flowing. His cock may start to drip and he may even ejaculate without orgasm.
Which Type of Harness is Best for Pegging?
Generally it’s worth investing what you feel you can afford. Treat yourself to a good quality leather 2 strap dildo harness that will accept a variety of dildos. If you’ve a Vegan vinyl is an excellent choice, as it’s waterproof and easier to clean than leather. Rubber dildo harness are ideal for those with a latex fetish and can, like a vinyl harness, be used in the shower. Elastic harnesses which can be purchased with dildos already attached do not provide the support you need, their elasticity is lost quite quickly, and control over the dildo is poor. For more dildo purchasing information to a took at our Buying a Dildo Harness page.
Which type of Dildo is best for pegging?
For any form of anal play it’s absolutely essential that the dildo has no sharp edges and that it’s not too hard. Specifically for pegging your dildo should be firm yet soft and flexible. Generally, if you can afford the extra cost, treat you and your lover to a silicone dildo or a vibrating silicone dildo, they are by far the best. Silicone has no odour, and has a soft firmness. It is a very hygienic material, hypoallergenic, can be disinfected and of course it’s phthalate free. You need a dildo with flexibility and which warms to your body temperature so we wouldn’t recommend using dildos made of Pyrex Glass, metal or hard plastic. If you or your partner are allergic to latex avoid rubber dildos. It’s best not to go for Rabbit styles dildos as the shape is all wrong for anal play. You may also decide against toys made of jelly or cyber skin because these are usually made of cheaper plastics which might contain phthalates.

Dildos that are slightly longer than average are best for anal play and strap-on pegging, this is because about 20 mm or so of the dildo’s available length is taken up when you put it in the harness, it then needs to pass the cheeks of your lover’s bottom, leaving a bit less for penetration. Also a longer length is nice for rhythmic hip movements, you can get into a nice steady pace of thrusting without worrying that the dildo may slip out of your partner.

Shape and Design Features:
Penis shaped dildos are best for strap-on fun, particularly those with a nice realistic size shaft and a well sculptured head/glans. Dildos for pegging need a flared base to ensure the harness supports and holds them. Dildos that are a little thinner than average are perfect for comfortable for anal penetration, and we recommend our very popular Aqua Pearl Anal Vibrator, an ideal vibrating anal dildo. Dildos with balls are OK, but the weight and balance of the balls can sometimes be a bit more difficult to control, unless it’s been specifically designed so that the balls hang outside the dildo harness just like our Mr Cute Balls. To give your “Bent Over Boyfriend” the added sensation of a realistic pair of balls slapping his bottom as you thrust away we suggest “Mr Cute Balls”.
Double Dildos:
Double dildos such as the Nexus and Feeldoe give double pleasure. Meaning that you’re both penetrated at the same time. Some women say that “double ended dildos” give them a more realistic sensation to having a cock. Some women are able to wear double dildos without a harness but many say they work better with the additional support of a dildo harness. All our dildo harnesses (with the exception of the Male Chastity Dildo Harness) have a permanent hole in the front leather plate. This enables you to pop the “Driver” end of a double dildo through the harness and into yourself, ready for the “Receiving” end to penetrate your lover. The new Fun Factory Share would benefit from a dildo harness as it is a little more flexible than other double ended dildos.
Vibrating Silcone Dildos:
Sex toys primarily designed as a dildo with the addition of a vibrating bullet are known as Vibrating Dildos. These can add extra fun to strap on playtime, but we’d recommend you apply a little lubricant to the vibrating bullet before popping it in to the body of the dildo, it helps make removal easier.

Having Mistress take my ass with her strap-on makes me particularly submissive. It’s a good reminder that I need to keep a check on my Alpha Male tendencies.

On Saturday we set aside some afternoon play time before the “game”, and Mistress gave me advance notice about what to expect. That expectation always gives me a bit of a shiver. When the appointed hour arrived, we adjourned to the bedroom, I stripped and slid under the covers, while Mistress donned her equipment. We lay there in bed together for a while, finishing some email traffic, interrupted by a teen in search of a scarf (of course, Mistress could not pull off the covers and help her on her quest, giving directions instead).

Once the teem evacuated the room, we turned to some conventional foreplay. Mistress likes to know her Slave’s cock is hard before she enters me, which enhances the experience for both of us. And soon she had accomplished that task with her cunning fingers as I played with her increasingly sensitive nipples.

Then it was time for me to roll over and assume my position, with a pillow under my hips to give Mistress a proper angle of attack. She asked my help to find the proper entry point and then slid inside me, filling me with her plastic cock. The sensation is hard to describe, but has both a physical and psychological element that puts this Slave in a place that makes me want to cling to her forever.

Soon Mistress had picked up the pace, thrusting and gyrating her hips against my welcoming ass. I can tell she is fond of these moments because she comes with a rush and fury that has her collapsing over me. Then she resumes, giving me more until I can tell she is exhausted.

She yanks off the harness, depositing it on the floor for her Slave to attend to when we are done, then slides into bed. At this point it’s my turn to insert my little while probe, to remind me where she has been. Then to fuck her the best I can. And I do.


  1. Master and i were just discussing this topic a few days ago. Thanks for your timely post! He is willing to try this so we just may have to give it a go during one of those rare "switch" times. :-)

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  2. My goodness I feel as if I need to go and get a strap - on now! I don't generally have D tendencies but your descriptions are having very warming effects. Grins.

  3. No regrets screwing my slave in a similar fashion now he begs for it. I make him kneel and suck my cock as well!

  4. That's the spirit! If it weren't for my cock cage right now... my wife needs to call her bull, I think...
    I have been reading your blog for quite some time now, I like it so much
    By the way, I finally started writing in my own blog as well:


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